Originally the Monumental Signpost was installed in 1837 year in memory of the visit this place of the Grand Prince Alexander Nikolaevich (the future Emperor Alexander II), who visited this place together with his teacher - the famous Russian poet V..A. Zhukovskij. Later, in 1873 another obelisk was installed here in memory of the visit at this place of the Grand Prince Alexey Alekseevich, who returned to Saint-Petersburg from the round-the-world voyage through the Siberia and the Ural. It was on the 8 July 1873. That obelisk was decorated with the gilded Emperial Two-Headed Eagle. After the revolution the Monument was destroyed. The conterporary Monumental Signpost was installed in 1926.

There is near the monument a cast iron plate (slab) with such an inscription: "The geographical signpost "Europe - Asia" was installed in 1837 on the slope of the mountain Beryozovaya (413 m), the highest point of the Siberian Road, which crosses the Urals mountains from the west to the east. The Ural Ridge - is the main watershed, the natural frontier between the two parts of the world, which was scientifically substantiated in the beginning of the XVIII century by the Russian Historian and Geographer V.N. Tatishtschev."