The map of the Asia from the geographical atlas: : Atlas Minor sive Geographia compendiosa in qua Orbis Terrarum paucis attamen novissimus Tabulis ostenditur. Atlas Nouveau, contenant toutes les parties du monde, Ou font Exactemant Remarquees les empires, Monarchies, Royaumes, Etats, Republiques, &c, &c, &c. Receuillies des Meilleurs Auters. A Amsterdam, chez Regner & Josue Ottens (the year of edition is absent). It is well seen, that the EUROPE is dislocated to the west from the Volga river, that EUROPIAN MOSCOVIA (Moscovie Europian) is dislocated between Volga river and Poland. But there is TARTARIAN MOSCOVIA (Moscovie Tartarian) is dislocated to the east from Volga river. But there is TARTARIAN INDEPENDENT (Tartarie Independante) is east from the Caspian Sea?

And farther till the Pacific ocean is dislocated CINEESE TARTARIA (Tartari Chinoise). The China was another state, which was marked with another colour, and dislocated to the south from Tartari Chinoise At the same time all three Tartarias were marked with one colour and they were united with one general name GRAND TARTARIE - THE GREAT TARTARIA. This map shows, that all territory? Which was diclocated to the east of Volga is not the Europe, but is Asia.