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This design is devoted to unique phenomenon of the nature, geography and history . It is devoted to the frontier between two continents - Europe and Asia/ It is more then the frontier between two continents/ Everywhere it was the frontier between the different cultures - between the culture of Europe and culture of NON-EUROPE, which everywhere Asia for europians. It was the cause why this frontier was moved from the west to the east, and scientists discussed? Where was this frontier, The ancient Greeks regarded the frontier along the shore of Pontus (Black Ses).

Later the ancient Romans moved its to the East, along the shores of the Meogida (Azov sea) and the Tanais river (Don river). In the Medieval the Arabic scientists moved the frontier farther to the east - along the shores of Itil river (Volga river) and Kama river. Some west European travelers regarded the Ob river and even Ienisey river. The Russians in the second part of XVI century regarded the Urals mountains as the most eastern border of the Russia. After the attachment of Siberian Khan state to Moscovia Russians regarded the Russian Moscow state as consisted of two parts - the western Moscovia and western Siberia. Here You will read all about the Europe - Asian frontier, about it history, it dislocation, about aa monuments, which were installed along its.

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